Sunday, February 17, 2013

May 2013 Program

Diana Friedberg is the producer of the multi-award winner documentary series World on a String. 

Her passion for beads was the inspiration to travel the world and to document the story of beads in cultures across the globe through the ages. 

The series has inspired museum exhibitions around the world and will soon be an integral part of the Corning Museum of Glass exhibition on glass beads opening  summer 2013.

Recently Diana and members of the Bead Society of Los Angeles traveled
to Kenya to explore the beadwork of the Maasai and to investigate other bead
producing facilities in that country. 

She will share her discoveries and adventures in pursuit of the bead in Kenya at the May meeting.

 Maasai woman 

Maasai woman beading a collar

Diane will be offering her DVDs of World on a String series for sale at the meeting.

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