Monday, February 2, 2015

David Chatt Right Angle Weave Intensive

written by Marcia DeCoster

Those who were fortunate enough to take David Chatt's class offered by the San Diego Bead Society had a rare treat!

David brought what he refers to as his sketchbook, a huge collection of bits and pieces from his years of study.  Besides being a visual treat, it guided the workshop experience as David willingly went through the hows and whys of whatever piqued someones interest.  On the right you see a standing structure which is covered hardware cloth.  It can be cut to any size and shape and can be bent so it lends itself to being covered with CRAW and making structures.

Here we have the interior of a pyramid.  David started out giving us a few hints and challenged us to sort out how it was done.  Given the talent in the group and the propensity for spacial thinking more than one student was able to go away and build a pyramid!  I was not one of those people….

Here we have day four and the group of happy beaders who enjoyed every minute of the experience!

Next up is Judy Walker, who you can see tucked in the back left there.  Judy will be teaching her loom work class and it another rare treat to work with someone with such a huge breadth of knowledge.  See more details here.