Sunday, June 29, 2014

Exciting Line up of Programs for 2015

Schedule of Programs and Classes for the remainder of 2014 and new programs of 2015

 August 16, 2014

Anne Mitchell.  Multimedia and metal artist. Offers two bracelet classes. Check  Classes section to sign up.

September 20, 21

Kim Van Antwerp multimedia artist offers a program on “Beads that Sing” on the 20th and a multimedia class on silk and silver jewelry on the 21st.    Go to  for details and photos.

October 18, 2014
Historian and Bead Scholar Alice Sherer presents a program at the Mingei meeting room.
Woven Indigenous Beadwork of the 19th Century Greater Pacific Northwest: Not What You Think.

October 19, 2014 

Amee K. Sweet-McNamara creates and sells one-of-a-kind pieces of soutache jewelry along with kits, tutorials and supplies. Class is offered at a private home. Learn a new skill and meet a new master of this ancient art. Please check our blog for more information on this class.

November 15th 2014
Our annual member’s sale and luncheon celebrating a great year of meetings and programs. Meeting at the Mingei meeting room.  Details will be posted as they become available on  our blog:

Schedule of Programs and Classes for the New Year 2015

We are privileged to offer three nationally and internationally famous, award winning bead artists from the U.S.A. for the coming year.  Subscribe to our blog to get updates as we get more information. It promises to be a very special opening to the new year.

January 2015  David Chatt

February 2015 Judy Walker

March 2015    Diane Fitzgerald

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 21 Program and Class

Program for June 21, 2014

Naomi Sakuma Japanese Bead Artist and Teacher
Naomi Sakuma comes to us after doing the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee where has taught every year since 2007.

She is a native of Tokyo where she lives and runs Studio Metiers with two other artists and teaches classes at home. 

Her specialty is bead looming in which she excels in making pieces with rich colors in spite of the limited palette of colors available in glass beads.

We are very lucky to have her at this time.

She won first place in Beads Bienniale 2013 competition of TOHO company with her special loomed beadwork lanterns.

Detail from her richly colored loom work

Naomi Sakuma will present a program on the Kumihomo Traditions of Japan.
She will be teaching a class in beaded kumihimo on Sunday. 

Kumihimo Class June 22, 2014

Naomi Sakuma has designed a special Kumihimo necklace for the San Diego Bead Society.

It is called Leaves on the Vine and uses multiple sizes and shapes of beads to create this necklace.

Supplies list and stringing instructions are sent  to registered participants. Check our website to register.