Saturday, February 16, 2013

April 2013 Program and Class

Our April 20th program features Cindy Holsclaw a bead artist and a scientist specializing in geometric beaded structures. 

She developed an eclectic background in beads and crafts from a young age, but expresses her fascination with geometry through the mediums of modular origami and beaded art. Her foundation as an academic shapes her approach to her beadwork designs as well as her teaching methods, and she enjoys teaching beadweaving classes across the country. Her latest work can be found in Beadwork Magazine.

The topic of her presentation is Geometric Beadwork: Influences from Mathematics and Science

Mathematics and science often intersect with the arts to create fascinating reflections of the natural world. 

In beadweaving, these principles are prominent in the intricate structures of geometric beaded beads. 

These little structures can be created from a variety of shapes and sizes of smaller beads such as seed beads, crystals, and semiprecious stones for an infinite number of possible structures. 

Mathematics underlies this field of beadweaving, as the shapes of beaded beads from simple cubes to the pointy, stellated dodecahedra all correspond to the geometric solids known as polyhedra. 

In addition, beaded objects also relate to scientific fields such as microbiology, chemistry, and astronomy. 

In this talk, Cindy will explore these relationships between math, science, and beaded art, and will also share her insight into how she uses these principles in her own designs.

On April 21st, Cindy will teach a class on making her beaded beads based on mathematical principles.  Two advanced beaded beads, each taking half a day are featured. Purchase of a kit is required.

Bauble kit is $30.  Tila Garden kit is $40.

Bauble Beaded Bead
Tila Garden Beaded pendant.

Contact us for class information or to sign up.

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