Wednesday, January 7, 2015

David Chatt

Written by Marcia DeCoster

David Chatt will be presenting his program 'Unecessary Objects, a non traditional approach to an ancient form' at our January 17th meeting. 10:00 a.m. at the Mingei Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego.

David has a long history of bead weaving and has been instrumental in advancing the popularity of right angle weave and cubic right angle weave with his innovative use of both stitches.

I was fortunate enough to have taken a class with David back when Bead and Button was still called Embellishment, seventeen years ago.  He shaped my own explorations of the stitch and I look forward to hearing him speak.

I was also fortunate enough to see his Retrospective at the Bellevue Arts Musem in 2005 called "Two Hands, Twenty Years and a Billion Beads"

David will be giving a four day class the Sunday and Monday following his program and the next Saturday and Sunday.

To register you must be a member of the San Diego Bead Society (membership may be paid for at the time of class registration) To be taken to the class payment and registration page, click here.

Stay tuned for updates on future programs and classes.


  1. Sorry I will miss this. I too am a David disciple having taken his classes at Coupville, Split Rock, and Penland. He's a great instructor

  2. Are you sure Rebecca, you could fly down and stay with me….

  3. but I see your work will share space with David's congratulations on that!

  4. Beautiful blog page Marcia. Thanks for keeping it going.