Saturday, April 6, 2013

August 2013 Program

Our guest speaker on August 17, 2013 is Steve Rossman who specializes in photographing jewelry and beads.  He teaches many classes locally in his studio in Escondido as well as adult education and college venues in San Diego.

You will learn how to use your camera to take lovely pictures of you beadwork, or metal jewelry. 

There program speech will give an overview of what you need for taking good photos, including how to use light, how to set up the object, how to use a cell phone camera. Examples of concepts will be presented in a slide show.

A sample studio will be setup at the front of the meeting room to show you basic tools you need.  There will be handouts for Steve's classes at the city college or at his private studio in Escondido for people interested in learning more and getting hands on practice with their cameras.

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